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university experience (preparatory)

Topics covered

Learning at a university level requires enhanced critical thinking skills, as well as being able to hold a supported, substantive argument and critically analyse sources or data.  On this course, you will build the foundations of these skills, so that you can prepare yourself for the challenges of this new learning environment.

You will hear from university lecturers on what they value in students and get advice on the more difficult aspects of learning at university.

In addition to helping students make the transition to university courses and college-level learning, the course also covers success skills such as time management, study skills and critical thinking strategies.

Learning outcomes


The University Experience course will help you find your way and give you the chance to:

  • Discuss common problems and concerns with other first-year students.

  • Find effective ways to make the transition from high school to university.

  • Discover how to gain the most from co-curricular activities.

  • Learn about general university policies, procedures, and services.

  • Practice skills required for academic success such as time management and critical thinking.

  • Explore interests, academic strengths and career goals.

Essential reading


  • Preparing for University - Future Learn on-line course


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