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english (preparatoty)

Students will be assessed prior to the start of the IFP course, thus to be advised as to any addition preparatory English classes they might need to attend as per the level they are assessed at.


Pre-intermediate level students will be placed at the A1 study level and will be given intensive English language support of 15 hours a week.  Intermediate level and above students take academic English at levels A2 or A3 ranging between 9-10 hours per week. 


Students who have a good knowledge of English language may also take an optional module for 4 hours per week on for academic essay writing.

Academic English:

The three levels of Academic English focus on developing accurate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and teach the full range of skills required for the academic subject study and for further studies.

English A1 Pre-intermediate focuses on accuracy, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing in preparation.

English A2 or A3 Intermediate to Advanced level increasingly focuses on accuracy, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing and academic study skills for essay assignments in the academic subject studied and research methodology used in most English speaking academic institutions.

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