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Foundation Programme


Awarding Body


An alternative route to the university of your choice.

The University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP) provides an ideal route to the top undergraduate programmes.  It is a popular alternative choice as that of the A-levels and IB.  When you complete the programme, you become eligible for many of the undergraduate programmes offered through the University of London. It is also widely accepted for undergraduate entry at many other universities including most universities in the UK and in other European countries, USA and Canada.

Examples of conditional or unconditional offers made to IFP graduates through their UCAS applications included the following universities:

  • LSE - London School of Economics & Political Science

  • Brunel University London

  • King’s College London

  • University of Nottingham

  • City, University of London

  • University of Bristol

  • Queen Mary, University of London

  • University of Warwick

  • Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Lancaster University

  • SOAS, University of London

  • University of Southampton

  • University for the Creative Arts

  • Durham University

  • University of St Andrews

  • University of Aberdeen

  • University of Edinburgh

  • University of York

  • University of Manchester

  • University of Bath

  • University of Leeds

  • Newcastle University

  • University of Surrey

  • University of Liverpool

  • University of Sussex

  • University of Birmingham


A full list can be reviewed HERE 


"This is your chance to (re)shape your future"

You may be at studying for your high-school leaving certificate (Απολυτήριο) and your intended field of study at university may be highly competitive and demanding and your Απολυτήριο alone may not meet the entry prerequisites.  Equally, you may have finished your A-levels or IB programme and you may have not gained entry at your proffered university and you may want to try again to improve your results rather than settling for a lower alternative. The foundation programme enables you to gain the academic skills required to progress into university and can be taken instead of A-levels as it is equally recognised by universities in the UK and Europe.  It offers higher flexibility in its curricular and in the ways of studying. Generally, students who complete a foundation programme may even be placed at an advantage to students pursuing other pre-university qualifications.

"The programme is an excellent bridge for those who wish to study overseas. The subjects are more relevant to most undergraduate university degrees and provide you with the necessary knowledge for your future studies".


An academic award from the University of London is a mark of excellence and is accepted by universities worldwide.  You will be tutored by experienced academic instructions at the only one Recognised IFP Teaching Centre of the University of London in Cyprus.  We will guide you through your studies and provide a rich learning environment supported by the University of London IFP team and online resources. We will also, if necessary, work with you to improve your level of English and complete your UCAS or any other University application to increase your chances of being offered a place at a top university of your choice.


Download the prospectus of the Programme:

You will be studying in a blended learning environment - be a part of a global community with the local support of your tutors; watch the video as to how:


You will be provided with online study materials coupled with classroom lectures and tuition which will ensure that they are prepared for the examinations in May each year. You will be able to download all your notes including audio-visual tutorials, academic interviews and self-testing materials and sample past examination questions from the University of London's Virtual Learning Environment.  You will also be provided with a University of London email account and web area which students can use to manage their personal information.

"The University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP) equips you

with the skills and knowledge to embark on a wide range of demanding

undergraduate degrees.’

The University of London provides a guide recommending 150 hours of lecture hours per module. We go beyond this recommendation to ensure you are well prepared for the final exams by complementing the lectures with additional time for revision work and exam preparation tests. English language classes and study skills are provided extra for students who need support.

You can choose any four (4) from a variety of courses to best prepare you for an undergraduate degree. Depending on the degree you want to read at university we could help you to choose the most appropriate courses for you.


accounting and finance

This is the foundation course on which subsequent, more specialised university level courses are based on. Topics include: financial accounting and reporting, interpretation of financial statements, and management accounting and finance.

business and management (2021)

This Business and Management course looks at changes that are taking place in selected aspects of the external environment for businesses. Selected internal functions are studied to show how businesses can use resources efficiently and take informed marketing decisions to fulfil their aims and objectives.

economics (2021)

This course offers a broad overview of key economic concepts and their applications in everyday situations and current economic affairs. Topics include: an introduction to the nature and scope of economics, competitive markets, market failure and government intervention, and development and sustainability of the recent financial and economic crisis.


This course is an introduction to law and suited to all students seeking to gain a general or deeper understanding of the subject before going to university and/or doing a Professional Qualification. Topics include:  Sources of law, Precedent and Statutory Interpretation, Overview of criminal liability and the criminal justice system, Introduction to contract law and Tort law.

mathematics and statistics

This is the foundation course on which subsequent, more specialised quantitative courses in Mathematics and Statistics are based. The course offers an overview of key mathematical methods and statistical concepts frequently applied to economics, management, finance and related areas.

pure mathematics

This is the foundation course on which subsequent, university level pure mathematics is based. Topics to be covered include the following key mathematical concepts: Logic, Proof and Sets, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Coordinate Geometry and Vectors.

international relations

This is the foundation course on which subsequent, university level International Relations (IR) courses are based.  It offers a basic introduction to IR, its classical and contemporary theories, schools of thought and research areas.

social psychology

This course offers an introduction to the concepts, theories and methodologies used in the study of key areas of the discipline and include: The self in social context, Interpersonal relations, Group and inter‐group relations and Cultural phenomena.

biology (2021)

This is a foundation course taking a fresh approach to essential biology knowledge and skills. The course provides the basis for moving into Biomedical, Biotechnology, Bioscience, Bio-veterinary and Zoology degree courses and is a suitable foundation for Veterinary courses.

chemistry (2021)

The main objectives of the course are to:

to give students an introduction to the basic principles of general chemistry, to assist in the development of strong problem-solving skills, to help cultivate critical thinking in the approach to learning, and to help in the acquisition of sound hands-on practical skills in the chemistry lab.

english (preparatory)

​Students who aspire to study at an English speaking university and wish to develop their level of English language proficiency prior to attending will be assisted through preparatory English language classes offered  in addition to their standard elective courses on the IFP. 

university experience (preparatory)

This course will enable you to understand the skills needed to do well at university and provide top tips for coping with the university learning environment and student life.  It will also help you to choose the right university and study programme for you and to inform you as to how to complete your UCAS application.


ready to find out more?

The International Foundation Programme can be completed in a minimum of one year, however, there is an opportunity to complete it over an extended time period. The programme gives students the opportunity to acquire the skills and qualification necessary to move onto a full degree at a university. On successful completion of the IFP, students may gain entry to a number of University of London degrees which include, but are not limited to Accounting and Finance, Business, Humanities, Communication, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine and Law.

The IFP is a taught programme (normal classes consisting of lectures, lab work and self-study) and must be studied at a University of London Recognised Teacher Centre. The American Academy School in Limassol is the ONLY Recognised Teaching Centre for IFP in Cyprus.

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